Monday, March 10, 2008

final entry

Iroic that in my earlier post from today, I discussed my personal experience with weblogging for the first time. I personally took to the idea of blogging. After the first couple of posts and receiving feedback from other classmates, blogging became a habit. Even addictive. I never realized how much I had to write about or how liberating it can be. I found blogs to be informative and very resourceful.
Technology and new innovations are areas that peak my interest. I researched blogs to find information and reviews on the recently released Apple iPhone. The blogs provided different aspects and opinions. Some of those from technology experts in Silicon Valley to those of a lucky sixteen year old, who's parents genorosity or inability to say "no" got the best of them.
Feedback is an essential tool to blogging. I looked forward to getting responses and responding back. Blogs are really an excellent creator for communication. I have connected with a number of people and most of whom, I probably never would have communicated with because I did not know we shared the same interests.
In the future I will continue to use blogs as a resource for information.
Blogging for Understanding

Blogs are a useful tool when researching a new product. There is plenty of information available and everyone seems to have an opinion. New technology and innovations are popular topics amongst bloggers. One specific topic is the iPhone, recently released by Apple, Inc. The iPhone’s versatile functions lend itself as an email system, phone, Internet provider and multi-media player. Due to the anticipation and popularity of the iPhone, there are many reviews in the format of blogs based on the iPhone. I felt it was best to critique a few of these blogs and determine whether they are a credible source for information as I feel that the blogs are a useful piece of information.
Purchasing a new TV, a home appliance such as a refrigerator or washer & dryer, is significant and requires you to do some research. An iPhone is considered a significant purchase with a price tag of $400 plus monthly contract dues. Blogs are a very resourceful tool when doing research. Especially on a new product or technology. Opinions on blogs will vary and it is the reader’s responsibility to discern or interpret the true meaning. Some product reviews will be positive and some will be negative. After reviewing numerous blogs on the iPhone, and in my personal experience of maintaining a personal weblog, I believe blogs to be a valuable resource and excellent communication tool. In Doug Rushkoff’s post “The Internet is Not Killing Off Conversation but Actively Encouraging It,” Doug emphatically believes “content is king.” So in order to keep readers coming back, a blog needs to be honest, clear and factual. recently reviewed the iPhone and had this to say, “when I was first considering buying an iPhone, I thought that $400 was quite a bit to lay down for a phone. It still is quite a bit to lay down for a phone, but the iPhone is more than just a phone.” Brian speaks from his perspective and we can assume he is just your average Joe by the tone of his review. Brian expresses his likes and dislikes of the iPhone. One can only appreciate such an honest response. After reviewing Brian’s blog, I am left comfortable with spending such a significant amount of money by his honesty and overall review of the iPhone. Honest posts such as Brian’s are what will bring me back to read blogs.
While researching blogs, it is difficult to sort through and not always read what you want to read. Subconsciously we are always going to do what we want to do. The path of least resistance is the path of choice. Searching through blogs is the same way. Choosing a review of the iPhone was an easy decision; however, choosing which blogs to browse is a time consuming process. When reviewing a new product, it is difficult not to let your initial opinion of that product affect your decision. Mike Shea posted “24 Hour iPhone Review” on Quillan Review and his opinion of the iPhone can be summed up in one sentence, “The iPhone is the future of computers.” Mike discusses his likes and dislikes and provides great detail of specific features of the iPhone. He declares himself a non-expert technology geek – something most of us can relate to. His perspective is that of a normal consumer, which is the appeal to the blog. I don’t want to read a fancy blog written with certain technology language that I cannot understand. Mike is able to express his opinion clearly and with ease so those of us reading his blog can make a decision ourselves.
Technology and review blogging requires the facts. Us consumers want the honest, factual truth. That is not to say that a good blog requires the facts, but in the technology arena, blogs do require the facts. “Apple iPhone: Finally a Tool for Business,” posted by Jan Visser on, details the new features the iPhone includes. Jan clearly states the facts: “Push email, push calendar and push contacts and access to your global address and distribution lists and a whole lot of features that make the iPhone easier to manage for Corporate IT Departments.” The facts are there and are one more reason blogs are a resourceful communication tool.
While blogging may be an informal form of communication, more and more people are turning to the internet/blogs for information. Technology is a great example. New innovations, new technology, product reviews – all are very exciting and blogs provide opinions from industry experts to those of a high school kid. A good blog requires the right content, honesty, clarity and the facts – when related. Therefore I will continue to review and research blogs before making a significant purchase such as an iPhone.

response to blogging

If you would have asked me three months ago, what I thought about blogs, I would have just kind of shrugged. I would not have been able to give an accurate, honest response because I had never personally posted a blog or commented on one. I had read a few but I was not an avid reader. After posting weekly for the last nine or so weeks, I have to admit that I have grown quite fond of blogs. My main interests include topics such as sports, new technology/innovations and anything marketing related. I recently was in New York City for a conference and while I was there I lost my digital camera. Now the camera itself is not worth much, but the memory card does contain some pictures that are of sentimental value. The reason I mention this camera is because while trying to get in touch with anyone I came into contact with that could have picked up my camera, I started doing some research on the internet. I read a story on CNN about a woman who found a camera in a taxi and by posting a blog with pictures, was able to track down the rightful owner. So I decided to join CameraFound, a website dedicated to people who have lost or found cameras. I read through some of the posts and there are a lot of success stories so I am hopeful that someone will do the right thing and respond to my post and eventually I will get my long lost photos.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Differences in style b/w my posts and guest blogger's

The most notable style difference was the theme of the guest blogger's post as compared to my previous posts. There were some common misspellings such as, the description of a fellow co-worker as a movie biff instead of buff. Aside from my previous post on Office Romance, my posts tend to be very formal or business minded. So I think the main difference was the style of writing, which was more casual.
The guest blogger's post brings up a good point. Something that never really occurred to me and that is that I don't really have a personal connection with many of my co-workers. Most of whom are twenty years older and have families to take care of. Perhaps that is something I should work on.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

it's all about presentation

I have spent the last eight months creating interest and building relationships with potential customers. I have to come to learn that this is no easy task. It requires patience, persistence, creative thinking and hard work.
All of this hard work will pay off this week when I have the opportunity to present to these potential customers. My presentation will include a slideshow using Keynote, which is a presentation software on the Mac. Keynote also allows you to incorporate movies into your presentation. I have put together a 7 minute video on the company which will break up the monotony of just looking at slides throughout the whole presentation. I want them to be impressed! My presentation will include a brief overview of the company, our capabilities/offerings, and the environmental impact of our processes. The last part of the presentation will be an open discussion where I plan to display some of our samples/products and brainstorm on how we can work together. I wish selling were only as easy as it sounds!
My goal is to create the interest and provide a better understanding of what my company can offer these potential customers. After all, no one cares what you can do unless you can help them do their job better. It is my hope to work with these companies in designing, developing and manufacturing new packaging or upgraded packaging for their products. The end result will be a stronger shelf presence - the ability to stand out - and for the company to charge a premium. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guest Blog - Office Connection

Recently, I was talking to a co-worker and we were having a challenging discussion about horror movies. My co-worker is apparently a move biff, if I heard him right he has over 3000 movies. He lead off with the Friday the 13th movies and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and how they were, “just really cool horror movies.” I completely agreed with him and most of his other examples, I stated to him that those movies were the core of all horror movies. We went on and on about the older horror movies from the 70s and 80s. Seeing his experience with older movies, I stated throwing in some newer ones. I mentioned, House of a Thousand Corpse and the Saw movies and expressed how those particular movies are the very essence of all horror movies. The co-worker is relatively new to our facility location at work and at first I thought we would probably not have much in common, but I guess I was wrong. Now my co-working and I have a cool movie connection, which is cool for both of us because we both can catch up to all the horror movies we have wanted to see and never got around to it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

office romance

It's that time of year. The holiday with a spark or the holiday that forces many to drown their sorrows away. A bittersweet holiday, if you will. To be honest, if it weren't for the decorations lining the lobby and the office staff's doors, I would have forgotten the so-called holiday entirely. Am I bitter? I would say no but maybe I am in subconsciously in denial. Depends who's asking! I did enjoy some of those candy hearts with phrases on them with my morning coffee. There have been at least half a dozen deliveries of flowers this morning. Every time we hear an "oooohhhh" or an "ahhhhh", some of my co-workers and myself tally it up to a flower delivery. At the end of the day we will tally up all the silly gifts/cards/flowers etc. and whoever guessed closest wins a six-pack. I bet eleven.